[NEWS] The first blend is complete


It's been almost two years since we started the shop.

We only dealt in single-origin beans that reflect the unique characteristics of their place of origin.

But it's a question I get asked a lot.

"Do you have any blended coffee beans?"

Single origin coffees are difficult to choose because they have such strong personalities.

I was constantly asked if I had any recommendations for restaurants.

So, quite suddenly, I made it.

Drink it the way you like,

It is a coffee with a unique character that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We experimented with roasting and compounding to achieve this blend.

And finally, our first blend was completed.

His name is " LUCAS "

It comes from my friend Lucas, a Brazilian who was my roommate in Tokyo.

Lucas is a cheerful Brazilian.
Every time he comes to Japan, he comes from the other side of the world, from Brazil, through Ethiopia, so yes, it's a blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian.

The fruity and nutty aromas blend together to create a flavor that makes you feel like you're eating sweet strawberry chocolate. It has a rich flavor and subtle acidity that is unique to natural brewing, making it delicious no matter how you drink it.

This coffee is delicious not only as drip coffee, but also as a latte when mixed with espresso or milk.

I tried it out yesterday and served it to a customer, and it was a big hit.

So now we are officially starting to sell it as a blend!

Please check it out on the BEANS page.

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