Order Information

. About Bean Cultivation.

It is recommended to roast the coffee beans for 6-8 days before drinking, when the coffee beans have fully degassed, to achieve the best flavor and optimal cooking.

. About storage methods and duration.

When harvested, the coffee beans may expand due to the fact that freshly roasted coffee beans emit gases, this is a normal phenomenon please do not worry. :)
After opening the coffee beans, we recommend using sealed cans, caps, etc. to maintain the seal. It is also recommended to preserve it in dry, shady, sunless and non-hot areas. Additionally, please do not put the ice in the ice box!
We recommend drinking it within 35 days after roasting for it to taste best. Lightly roasted coffee becomes unstable and changes its quality at a slower rate, so it is still drinkable after 35 days. However, the flavor and aroma will gradually fade or change over time, so it is recommended that you finish drinking it within 35 days (five weeks). .
It is recommended that the hanging packets be completed within four months of drinking, and for the bubble packets, please keep them sealed and it is recommended that they be completed within one month of receipt. Similarly, it is recommended that forests be preserved in dry, shady, sunless and non-hot areas. Please don't put the ice in the ice box!


. About Hot Beans Day and Shipping Day.

We ship once a week and four times a week, and will ship within 5-7 days of ordering.
If there is an emergency or special situation, you can leave a message in the comments section of the shopping cart, or send us a message via the online customer service at the bottom right of this page, or you can contact us directly. :)

. Ear wrap and foam wrap.

If the hanging ear bags and soaked foam bags are not in stock, they may need to be stocked for a longer period of time depending on the quantity. The stock time requires about 2-7 pieces to be completed in the first working day.
Therefore, if you have any special needs such as urgent items, wedding accessories, bulk gift boxes, etc., please call us directly and we will contact you!


. Regarding delivery, payment methods and shipping costs.

We offer two delivery methods (select on the shopping cart page):
|Super Commercial Delivery (711)
You can choose to settle your credit card balance and then pay with Cash on Delivery/Cash on Delivery.
|Postal envelope
Please just connect the card to receive the parcel and then send it via post office.
Shipping costs for commercial orders are $70 , postal delivery costs are $80 , and shipping is free for orders over $1,000 .
If you have any questions, you can contact us via the online customer service at the bottom right corner of this page, or add us to our INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK fan page. :)