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Gathaithi, Kenya

Gathaithi, Kenya

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Kilimbi, RWANDA

REGION : Nyamasheke, Western Province
FARMER: Kilimbi Small Farmers
Varietal: Bourbon
ALTITUDE : 1650-1850m
NOTES: Lemon, mixed juice, dried cranberries

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It has a rich mouthfeel and sour taste, and an aroma reminiscent of lemon and other fruits marinated in spices. The refreshing aroma of mango and pineapple, combined with the smoky and spicy aroma of dried fruit, creates a coffee for adults.
This is recommended for those who like a fuller taste in their coffee, but also want the refreshing aroma of a light roast.
Rwandan coffee feels unique among African beans.
While coffee from Kenya and Ethiopia tend to have a refreshing and clean taste, coffee from Rwanda tends to have a heavy, heavy mouthfeel. However, like other African coffees, it has a very rich flavor, and you can enjoy the aroma that changes with temperature.

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<Farm introduction>
Kirimbi CWS is the first coffee producer in Rwanda to be permitted to use honey for refining. This coffee has been improved every year, resulting in a honey-like round texture and a taste that is easy to feel the unity of.


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