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Arbegona Washed, ETHIOPIA

Arbegona Washed, ETHIOPIA

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Arbegona, ETHIOPIA

REGION: Sidamo
FARMER: Arbegona Small Farmers
VARIETAL: Ethiopian Heirloom
NOTES: Lime, Pineapple Jam, Pomegranate

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It tastes more like lime or Earl Grey tea than coffee.
The moment the beans are ground, the aroma of citrus spreads all around. The sweet fruity aroma is accompanied by a floral scent reminiscent of a flower field, a refreshing citrus and spicy taste, and a sweet honey-like aftertaste. With a clean mouthfeel and mild acidity, this coffee is one you can drink over and over again.

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<Farm introduction>
Albegona Tadesse CWS (Owner: Tadesse Yonka) is a washing station located in the coffee-producing area at an altitude of 2,200m in Homasho village, Albegona district, eastern Sidama prefecture. Coffee-producing areas at such high altitudes are rare even in Ethiopia, and this region produces excellent coffee, and is also famous for having produced first place in the Cup of Excellence in the past.

Tadesse and Eleana of Moprako are both owners of washing stations and share a common goal of producing high-quality coffee. In addition to the washing stations that Moprako operates, the company has built strong ties with independent washing stations like Tadesse's that produce high-quality coffee, and as an exporter, it communicates the diversity and appeal of Ethiopian coffee to these excellent washing station owners.


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