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Chelbesa Natural, ETHIOPIA

Chelbesa Natural, ETHIOPIA

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Chelbesa, ETHIOPIA

REGION : Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
FARMER: Chelbesa Small Farmers
VARIETAL: Ethiopian Heirloom
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE : 1900-2100m
NOTES: Apricot, Blueberry, Gummy

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It is a rich, sweet and sour coffee, like jam made from stewed berries such as grapes, peaches, and strawberries. It has a slightly fermented aroma like wine, but is also refreshing and gentle on the palate, and the aroma lingers in your mouth even after you've finished drinking it.
The most distinctive feature of specialty coffee is its unique aroma. Among them, the aroma of Ethiopian Natural is unique, so I recommend these beans to those who have never tried specialty coffee. The aroma is really obvious, so please give it a try. I think it will open up a new world of coffee for you.

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If you want to buy whole beans, select "whole beans", if you need to grind them for drip or espresso, select your preferred grind size. If you want a simple drip bag that you can just pour in hot water, please see the "Drip Bag" page.

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<Farm introduction>
Coffee originates from Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe in southern Ethiopia is loved by coffee fans around the world for its distinctive character and high quality coffee. Garden semi-forest coffee thrives in the rich soil of the Great Rift Valley, at an altitude of 2000m, and in the shade of large trees.
Moprako is a long-established coffee exporter in Ethiopia. The late Yanni, the father of the current president, Eleana, built a Coffee Washing Station (CWS: processing plant, mill) in Yirgachefe to produce the best specialty natural coffee in Yirgachefe, but he passed away before he could achieve his goal.
President Eleana, who inherited his father's will, was unable to export the coffee she produced herself due to the newly established ECX and other Ethiopian coffee distribution systems. However, in recent years she has finally been able to export coffee from her own processing plant directly.
In recent years, the relaxation of export restrictions such as the establishment of washing stations and farm designation has finally made it possible to aim for ideal coffee production again, and farms such as Cayo Camino in Cheka, Sidamo Bensa Rogita CWS and this Cherebesa CWS are searching for the best coffee in each region.


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