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Gamboa Black Honey, Costa Rica

Gamboa Black Honey, Costa Rica

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REGION: Tarrazu
FARMER: Gamboa
PROCESS: Black Honey
NOTES: Banana Chocolate, Tropical Fruits, Floral

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The first impression is a sweet and sour taste, like candied banana or pineapple. Then, gradually, a fragrant sweetness like chocolate comes over you. It is a very well-balanced bean, like honey, and is easy to drink and has a variety of flavors.

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<Farm introduction>
Costa Rica, which means "rich coast" in Spanish, is a scenic country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea to the east and west, with a mountain range running through the center of the country. In recent years, it has also become an environmentally friendly country that has attracted attention for its ecotourism, which allows people to experience the rich nature, and its efforts in renewable energy. Tarrazu, where Gamboa Farm is located, is located in the Los Santos region, about 70 km south of the capital, San Jose. When residents of the central basin migrated to the area around Los Santos in the mid-19th century, they named the towns San Pablo de Leon Cortes, San Marcos de Tarrazu, and Santa Maria de Dota after saints. Tarrazu is derived from San Marcos de Tarrazu. This is an area surrounded by beautiful nature, said to be a sacred place for birds and forests, in the mountains that spread across the Pacific Ocean, and coffee is carefully cultivated in narrow valleys and mountain slopes. Furthermore, Talas coffee, which is grown only in the highlands, is said to have a "strong acidity, refined flavor, rich taste and particularly good aroma," and is highly regarded around the world.
About 80 years ago, brothers Erandio and Edgar Gutierrez inherited their father's will and started growing coffee at the Gamboa Farm in Santa Maria de Dota, Tarrazu. Edgar met a woman named Sererina and had 13 children, making the Gutierrez family a large family. Luis, the eldest of the 13 siblings, worked at the Copedota Coffee Factory, one of the best coffee Factory at the time, for 24 years, selecting and sorting cherries, and then worked at another coffee Factory for 18 years, focusing on selection and sorting. After that, Luis lost hope for a while due to the sudden death of his beloved wife, but in order to inspire him, his 12 brothers built their own coffee Factory in 1999 and named it Montañas del Diamante (Mountain of Diamonds). Luis passed away in 2010, but his passion and skills are still being passed down to this day.


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