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FORMULA: Brazil PN x Indonesia
NOTES: Prune, Orange Peel, Grass Jelly
ROAST: Medium Roast

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Indonesian Mandheling is often thought of as a coffee that goes well with dark roasts, with a firm mouthfeel and a lingering bitterness. However, we like sourness, so we chose a specialty rank coffee that does not have a harsh taste even when lightly roasted, and combined it with Brazil, which has a distinctive chocolate flavor, to create a refreshing medium roast. It has a sweetness like prunes, a herbal aroma like grass, and a flavor of orange chocolate. This blend is highly recommended for those who do not like sourness .

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If you want to buy whole beans, select "whole beans", if you need to grind them for drip or espresso, select your preferred grind size. If you want a simple drip bag that you can just pour in hot water, please see the "Drip Bag" page.

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