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Passeio Pulped Natural, Brazil

Passeio Pulped Natural, Brazil

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Passeio, Brazil

REGION: Monte Belo
FARMER: Fazenda Passeio
VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon
PROCESS: Pulped Natural
NOTES: Almond, Chocolate, Blood Orange

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This coffee is characterized by a nutty, caramel-like sweetness, reminiscent of chocolate cake. It has a rich, fragrant aroma, and if you taste it carefully, you can also detect a slight orange-like acidity. It has the weakest acidity of the current lineup, so it is recommended for those who do not like lightly roasted beans.
It has a typical Brazilian nutty aroma with a hint of citrus fruit. The mild acidity makes it easy to drink even for those who are used to dark roasted beans.
It also has a strong aroma, and the moment you grind the beans, the fragrant aroma fills the room. It goes great with espresso and coffee with milk, so please try it in different ways!

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If you want to buy whole beans, select "whole beans", if you need to grind them for drip or espresso, select your preferred grind size. If you want a simple drip bag that you can just pour in hot water, please see the "Drip Bag" page.

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<Farm introduction>
The Passeio Farm is located in Monte Belo, which is almost in the center of the coffee-producing region of the Southern Minas Gerais region. The farm spreads across hilly areas at an altitude of 1100 to 1200 meters, and is blessed with fertile soil containing volcanic minerals.
From preparing the soil for planting to picking the coffee cherries, the work is based on the efficient use of trained and skilled workers. Passeio Farm has been producing coffee for three generations, and each time they innovate their production techniques to improve efficiency. They also have excellent consideration for the natural environment, leaving 75 hectares of natural forest intact, and use Pest Balance to reduce the use of pesticides to control pests. They are also actively working to solve social issues, such as improving the living and educational environment for workers.
They offer a wide variety of products, including Natural and Pulped Natural in terms of production processing, Mundo Novo and Bourbon in terms of varieties, and are known to specialty coffee roasters around the world as regulars at COE and Late Harvest Competition. Passeio was the first farm to install a water flow cherry density sorter and green separator in 1997 as part of the Gourmet Coffee Project of ITC, the predecessor of COE, and this is one of the factors that maintains Passeio's advantage in terms of quality.


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