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FORMULA: Ethiopia Natural x Ethiopia Washed
Lemon Tea, Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry
ROAST: Light Roast

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This coffee has a rich aroma that combines fruity and floral notes. With just one sip, a refreshing flavor like lemon tea spreads in your mouth. The coffee has a mild acidity and is easy to drink.
The Pepe Blend was the most popular blend of BASTET's predecessor, Taiwan's "Kakaya Coffee," and is especially recommended for those who like the fruitiness of specialty coffee. It's delicious as an espresso or latte, but we recommend drinking it straight as a drip or iced coffee to get the best flavor.

<This product is coffee beans>

If you want to buy whole beans, select "whole beans", if you need to grind them for drip or espresso, select your preferred grind size. If you want a simple drip bag that you can just pour in hot water, please see the "Drip Bag" page.

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<Cat introduction>
Pepe is a Siberian cat born in 2019. Despite his big attitude, he is timid and a little chubby. He loves to eat more than anything, and has a big heart that will accept almost anything as long as he has some treats. He will become attached to anyone who gives him some treats, and he is intelligent, so he can perfectly do the "sit" and "shake" commands. He cannot "wait".


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