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FORMULA: Ethiopia Natural x Brazil PN
Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Peanut
ROAST: Light Roast

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The fruity and nutty aromas blend together to create a flavor that makes you feel like you're eating sweet strawberry chocolate. It features the rich flavor and subtle acidity that is unique to the natural/pulped natural method, making it delicious no matter how you drink it.
BASTET COFFEE's signature blend.
This blend is what we believe to be the perfect combination of specialty coffee qualities and easy-to-drink quality.
Originally, I liked single-origin beans and had no plans to create a blend, but I thought that if there was a coffee that was delicious as espresso, drip, or with milk added, and that anyone could enjoy drinking, I could convey the joy of coffee to more people, so I started developing it.
Although it is a blend, it is a combination of specialty coffees without any binders. It has an interesting flavor. If you are not sure what to choose, we recommend you try the BASTET BLEND!

Note: Bastet cat is not included.

<This product is coffee beans>

If you want to buy whole beans, select "whole beans", if you need to grind them for drip or espresso, select your preferred grind size. If you want a simple drip bag that you can just pour in hot water, please see the "Drip Bag" page.

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<Cat introduction>
Bastet is an ancient Egyptian goddess, known as the daughter of the sun god Ra and the cat goddess. She symbolized home, love, fertility, and the good luck and protection associated with cats. There were also festivals and rituals dedicated to the worship of cats. Bastet was often depicted as a cat and was very important to the Egyptians.


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